I don’t know but, I am in love with sweaters right now. I bought 2 sweaters at a thrift shop last month. (It’s my first time to buy at a thrift shop!! Hahaha “Marella Cruz goes thrift shopping”) So, when I saw some sweaters at Coco-fashion I literally had my jaw ‘dropped’. Hahahaha. I was eye-ing for some comfy and affordable sweaters everytime we go out. Here are my top picks:

 Multicolour-Striped Sweater

Beige Sweater

Visit Coco-fashion for more! :) 

I’ve been busy with school and can’t take outfit shots because of the bad weather. Haha okay. These photos are taken last saturday, July 28, using a point-and-shoot camera. Sorry but I’m just a beginner :( I didn’t put any watermark ‘cause i know no one would steal these photos haha. I mean who would steal these photos omygod, all of my photos are low quality…

say hello to my close-to-decent id picture haha wait what

My phone’s lock screen mehehe

To end this post, here’s my ugly face, tried using Body Symbol on my Tito’s iPad and yep… i failed. U MAD


Giving away these flattering tops to 3 LUCKY WINNERS (each winner has a choice of shoulder cut out top or burnout top)! :)

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I know I’ve already made a post for this, but I’m gonna repeat it since only few photos are uploaded hehe :)

Our dog celebrated it’s 1st (idk haha) birthday. We ate at Kenny Rogers at NLEX. As his birthday gift, he got to ate a roasted chicken legs omg hahaha. Lucky right? 

As I enter the resto (naks!), These photos totally caught my attention. It’s not my first time there lol

I got bored so…

Anchor ring from 168 Mall.

While waiting mehehe

Yummiest muffin I’ve tasted!!!

(From L-R: Mac & Cheese, Macaroni Salad, Mashed Potato)

Didn’t get to take a picture of some of the foods we ate ‘cause I’m hungry hahaha. 

Belated Happy Birthday, Jack! :)

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After weeks of gathering prizes, looking for awesome giveaway sponsors, and the temptation of keeping the prizes for myself(HAHA jk), I’M FINALLY GOING TO POST THE MECHANICS! :”)

There will be 3 winners:

  • 2 winners (#1 & #2) from Rafflecopter
  • 1 winner (#3) from those who’ll comment in…


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